LAB Chalk Primer

LAB Chalk (lime paint)


LAB Chalk (lime paint) is a matt lime paint for indoor use, developed and produced in the Netherlands. Our lime paint is breathable, mold and bacteria resistant, solvent-free and 100 percent mineral. With LAB Chalk, the surface is provided with various shades of color, making the end result unique. Easy to apply in your favorite effect: cloudy, random (crisscross) or streaky. The system consists of three products: 1 layer of LAB Chalk primer, 2 layers of LAB Chalk and optionally 2 layers of LAB Chalk Sealer Transparent .

read here how to easily apply LAB Chalk yourself on your walls and don't forget the product advice check it out before you get started!

Take advantage of the discounted LAB Chalk processing package . This way you can be sure that you have all the painting supplies for your project.