Pure & Original is a Dutch paint brand that has endless possibilities with more than 180 colours, 5 types of preparatory products, 7 types of paint and 3 types of finishing specials.

All Pure & Original paints are colored with natural and organic pigments, which originate in nature and contribute to the sustainability and quality requirements. Vestingh Paint • Craft • Lifestyle is the exclusive Star Dealer of Pure & Original . We have access to a mixing machine with which we can mix all colors and paint types.

Pronounced color, pastel, grayed tones, powder matte, many color nuances, high gloss or matte and water-repellent. All choices are possible. You can choose from a wide range of more than 180 colours , 5 preparatory products , 7 types of paint and 3 finishing specials . So there is always a combination that suits you. You can also choose from a wide range of different types of paint. Matte, high-gloss, powder-soft or many color nuances. The paints can be used on walls, doors, furniture and floors, among other things. Order the free Pure & Original color chart or view all 184 shades below. Try out color? Go for a color sample in A5 format.

Pure & Original colors its paint with natural pigments and uses natural raw materials as much as possible. For example, the Fresco lime paint and the Marrakech Walls are 100% mineral and environmentally friendly. Choose Classico chalk paint or rather Licetto, the environmentally friendly chalk paint that is very easy to wash off and still remains matte. Use Fresco lime paint for the beautiful, authentic walls or create a concrete look with the Marrakesh Walls. Use Pure & Original traditional paint for doors, window frames or furniture and Carazzo for floors especially for a more scratch-resistant result. Do you want to paint the facade? Then choose Calx Kalei or Quartz Kalei.

Pure & Original White Pure & Original Beige Pure & Original Red-Brown Pure & Original Green Pure & Original Grey Pure & Original Grey Pure & Original Yellow-Brown