LAB Color Swatches

LAB PAINT Color fan



The entire LAB COLOR COLLECTION can be found on our well-arranged LAB Color Card . Do you want to be able to assess a color even better for your project or space? Then choose the complete color fan with 176 LAB COLORS or order the large LAB Color samples of 20 x 20 cm. Both the LAB Colourcard and the LAB Color Samples are painted with our own LAB Wallpaint . This way you can be sure that you choose exactly the right shade. These products also serve as a basis for assessing our other paints, coatings and specials. Partly due to the color shades, the specials are an approximation of the colour. LAB PAINT is also available in a different gloss level per product. Depending on the chosen product, it is possible that the color differs slightly from the color sample.

In both the LAB Color Range and the large LAB Color Samples you will also find a stimulating color description and an inspiring combination suggestion with one or more of the other LAB COLORS. This way you will immediately discover whether the color you have chosen matches the atmosphere you have in mind.

Do you also want large color samples of all LAB COLORS in addition to the LAB Color Fan? You can with our luxurious LAB Album . The latter contains all the large color samples of the LAB COLOR COLLECTION. Would you rather judge a color as paint on your wall or ceiling? Then we would like to refer you to our sample jars .

LAB PAINT is available in the 176 unique LAB COLORS, but also in almost any other color!