Collaborate through social media

Do you want to collaborate via social media? Nice that you think of us! We regularly offer collaborations with our own sustainable paint label LAB PAINT. On this page you can read more about how this works.

LAB PAINT De Huismuts - Photos Sonja Velda
Living room and kitchen in LAB Wallpaint in the shade Spider Mum no. 310 and bedroom in LAB COLORS Terra Pink no. 102 (ceiling) and Merlot Mania no. 123 (cupboard) by De Huismuts. Photos: Sonja Velda Photography.


LAB PAINT is a sustainable paint line with a unique color collection, developed and produced in the Netherlands. The label consists of LAB Wallpaint, LAB Houtprimer Binnen, LAB Binnenlak, our specials LAB Chalk (lime paint), LAB Cementum (concrete look) and LAB Rubigo (rust paint). We also have different coatings: LAB Wall Coating, LAB Bathroom Coating and LAB Floor Coating.

Linked to this unique label is our LAB PAINT FOUNDATION with the aim of PAINT FOR WATER. Partly thanks to your LAB PAINT purchase, you contribute to a more beautiful world: the paint at your home and clean drinking water where necessary. A fair deal! More information can be found at .

We also try to make a positive contribution with LAB PAINT by doing business in a socially responsible and sustainable way as much as possible. In the production of this paint line, we pay attention to our ecological footprint and pay a lot of attention to the environment.

Collaborate through social media

Because we would like to continue to make maximum impact with the LAB PAINT FOUNDATION , our collaborations often consist of great discounts on our paints (ie on LAB PAINT in our unique LAB COLORS).

We are curious about your plans. Depending on your idea and the LAB COLOUR(S) you want to use, we will see if we can work together and under what conditions. That is why we ask you to fill in the registration form below. Indicate here which room(s) you want to tackle, how many square meters it is in total and which LAB COLOUR(S) and type of paint(s) you want to use. We would also like to receive images of the rooms you want to paint.

After receiving this information, we will get back to you with an answer as soon as possible.

Thank you in advance!

Registration is possible from 10,000 followers on Instagram or 5,000 YouTube subscribers. The conditions can vary and depend on various factors, such as the idea you have, the number of followers, your target group, etc. Attention! We only do collaborations with LAB PAINT in our unique LAB COLORS.