LAB Floor Coating

LAB Floor coating opaque and transparent


We have floor coating in two different variants: LAB Floor Coating Transparent and the opaque LAB Floor Coating, which is available in almost every color imaginable. Both are easy to apply to various surfaces, have a matt appearance that does not yellow and are very strong, wear and scrub resistant.

The LAB Floor Coating system in the opaque version, with which you can easily apply a look-a-like cast floor without high costs, consists of four different products, namely: LAB Floor Coating Impregneer, LAB Floor Coating Primer, LAB Floor Coating and LAB Floor Coating Wear Resistant (optional). The transparent system has two steps: LAB Floor Coating Primer Transparent and LAB Floor Coating Transparent.

It is important to read the product advice carefully before application!

Make use of the complete floor coating processing package at a reduced price. This way you can be sure that you have everything you need for your project.