LAB Bathroom coating

LAB Bathroom coating opaque and transparent


We have LAB Bathroom Coating in two variants: transparent and opaque. They are easy to process systems specially developed for bathrooms and wet cells, such as the shower room (with the exception of the floor in the wet cell). LAB Bathroom Coating is available in almost every color imaginable, but also in transparent: this is how you create a concrete look by giving concrete ciré or cement-bound stucco mortars a 100 percent watertight finish. LAB Bathroom coating is ideal if you don't want tiles. But, in the case of the opaque variant, it can also go over tiles!

The LAB Bathroom Coating system in the opaque version consists of three different products, namely: LAB Bathroom Coating Impregnator, LAB Bathroom Coating Primer and LAB Bathroom Coating. The transparent system has two steps: LAB Bathroom Coating Primer Transparent and LAB Bathroom Coating Transparent.

Before application, it is important to read the product advice of LAB Bathroom Coating or LAB Bathroom Coating Transparent carefully!

Take advantage of the complete, reduced-price bathroom coating processing package . This way you can be sure that you have everything you need for your project.