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The British paint manufacturer Little Greene makes unique, high-quality and ecologically responsible paints. Most colors are based on naturally occurring compounds through ancient mineral pigments such as ocher and umber. The depth of color is achieved using complex formulations and the use of up to 40% more pigments than in most paints. With this they create nuances that subtly change in a different light and give character and definition to the space.

The National Trust is responsible for over 500 historic sites, houses and buildings in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. They also dedicate themselves to preserving special places forever, for everyone. Like the National Trust, Little Greene has an ongoing conservation research programme. A range of paints has been developed that includes authentic colors from several key periods in interior design, from early Georgian to the late 20th century; the red icon indicates the origin of each paint.

A portion of the purchase price of each can of Little Greene paint goes to the National Trust to support their work to preserve historic homes and buildings.

Little Greene uses only the best natural organic and synthetic-safe pigments, which gives the paints superior depth of color, very high hiding power and a long life.

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