Did you already know that with the purchase of LAB PAINT you support a good cause? Namely the LAB PAINT FOUNDATION. Partly thanks to your LAB PAINT purchase, you contribute to a more beautiful world: the paint at home and clean (drinking) water where necessary. A fair deal!


Clean (drinking) water is a basic necessity of life to which everyone is entitled. Yet there are more than two billion people worldwide for whom this is not accessible, according to research by the World Health Organization WHO and UNICEF (2019). A lack of clean water has major consequences for the population. People often have to walk far for clean water. Sometimes so far that they drink water from nearby rivers or lakes. Besides the fact that this water is unfiltered, it is highly polluted by waste streams and because people and animals also wash in it. This increases the risk of serious (often fatal) waterborne diseases such as cholera, typhoid and dysentery. In the worst case, this can even lead to infant mortality. Not having access to clean drinking water also hinders economic progress.

The LAB PAINT FOUNDATION wants to make clean and safe (drinking) water accessible to thousands of people by making water installations and the associated infrastructure available in developing countries. We work together with specialized organizations that know the area well and know what is needed locally.

A sustainable approach

By working together with existing organizations that are already on the ground, it is possible to make a difference in a sustainable way. The LAB PAINT FOUNDATION not only invests in water installations, but also in education and awareness. In addition, within the projects money is reserved for maintenance and the population itself also contributes in money or labour. This creates a shared responsibility and prevents people from becoming completely dependent on outside help.

Our goal is to make clean water accessible to thousands of people. Your purchase helps with that! Together we can contribute to a more beautiful world, now and in the future.

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